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On the Road with the Surveyor 287BHSS


When traveling with small children, you tend to keep an eye out for certain things. For example, space to safely play, a good napping spot, access to a bathroom, and plenty of snacks. Intentional or not, it was through this filter that I found myself looking at the Surveyor 287BHSS.

Our family has been on many adventures, in many different RVs. There was the pop-up camper on the back of our truck, the travel trailer with a rotten floor that we remodeled, the cargo trailer to toy hauler conversion for our yearly trek to the sand dunes, oh, and that time we lived in a different toy hauler for a year with a newborn while remodeling our house. Now, I won’t claim that we are experts, by any means, but I can claim years of experience. Everything that could possibly go wrong with an RV, we’ve lived through!

With the Surveyor 287BHSS, our adventure began at the local RV dealership, DreamChasers RV of Burlington. Owned by Raymond Goda, DreamChasers RV is by far my favorite dealership. Not necessarily because of the wide selection and low prices, though those are a plus. I love DreamChasers RV because when talking with Raymond about why they are in business, he said, “Skagit County needs jobs, people need to make a living to take care of their families. I’m not here to make millions, I’m here to help people.” It was from that moment on, Raymond and DreamChasers RV forever had my business.

The RV Rental option at DreamChasers RV is perfect for those who want to try before they buy or are looking for a short-term trailering experience. My favorite part of this service is that everything you need is included: water, toilet paper, propane, wheel chocks, sewer hose, freshwater hose, and 30 amp to 15 amp adapter. From here it was our responsibility to pack cooking utensils, bedding and everything else we needed for our trip to Mt. Hood.


I think the shock and awe moment was when I first stepped inside the Surveyor 287BHSS. My “mommy filter” was in full use and I could already see how easy our trip was going to be. With the slide out, there was ample floor space. By “ample” I don’t mean enough room for my husband to sneak by while I trip over children and toys. I mean ample, spacious, sizeable, generous. This trailer had room for children, toys, an infant walker/high chair, shoes, diaper bag, and my husband and I, all while cooking a meal! At the very least, I was impressed.

The next pleasant surprise came when stopping at the grocery store, four hours into our road trip. A bathroom was much needed, along with some exercise, groceries, and an opportunity for the kids to play. Many trailers are notorious for being inaccessible when the slide is in, thus making for a long stop when having to stock the fridge or make use of the restroom. With the Surveyor 287BHSS, this was not the case. The master bedroom is the only inaccessible portion of the trailer when the slide is in. During our stop, my husband went for groceries, I  cooked a meal inside the trailer, the children played with toys I’d put in the dinette storage drawer, the bathroom was used, and we were back on the road in under thirty minutes, all without moving the slide!


Past experience has taught me that upon arrival to the campsite, I’d be managing the kids on my own for about an hour while my husband sets the trailer up. The Surveyor 287BHSS, however, was ready to go in about ten minutes. The electric jacks, connecting power, water, and turning on propane, were all a breeze. I was so surprised when he came to tell me he was finished! It was so nice that setup time didn’t take away from our much needed family time.

During the days we were visiting Mt. Hood, the weather was below freezing. I am happy to report that our adventuring wasn’t slowed down one bit! A special thank you to DreamChasers RV for equipping the Surveyor 287BHSS with heating blankets on the fresh and hot water tanks. The forced air system handled the cold very well, and we stayed toasty warm for the duration of our trip. It was, quite literally, a life saver.

All in all, the Surveyor 287BHSS was, in a word, incredible. I don’t think I’ve ever been so impressed by a trailer. So spacious that our little family could live in it long term! I want to say a special thank you to DreamChasers RV for making our rental experience as simple and smooth as possible.

Are you interested in trying out the Surveyor 287BHSS? Perhaps you’re just beginning your RV journey and you’d like to learn more? Talk to Raymond at DreamChasers RV. While I may be the author of this review, I’ve known him personally for years. Trust me, he will do whatever he can to help you chase your dreams.


Author: Indya Oakes


About the Author: Indya Oakes is the Senior Project Manager for Washington Concept, a digital marketing agency sourced in Sedro-Woolley, WA. Her love of adventure and desire to take the less-traveled road is what drives her passion for the Pacific Northwest.