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An Inside Look at the RV Lifestyle

As a relationship driven business owner, wife, and mom, I find myself with that all too common, “adventure itch,” every six weeks. While I’m sure it has something to do with me being a part of the millennial generation, I also believe it is because I’ve tasted the RV life. Going on an adventure is just a trailer hookup away.

With two toddlers, I have learned what it takes from the moment we decide to go on a RV trip to driving down the road. I scramble to pack up the kids, the few kitchen utensils we need, stock the fridge, grab our ever-ready “camping tub” (filled with everything from s’mores makings to bug spray), and my own bag. My husband, Jay, hooks up the trailer, packs the camp chairs, bikes, propane fire pit (in case of burn bans), and his own bag. That’s it! A home away from home—fully equipped to manage meals, nap time, diaper changes, and all our adventuring needs, trailing behind our truck.

It’s the freedom that is so enticing. The freedom to go from an idea to the fruition of a vacation, in such a short time. To have absolutely no plan, no idea where we are going, and no need to worry—Its invigorating! 

On our last trip along the coast, we made a stop in Long Beach, WA. Along with extended family, we found the perfect campsite, visited the tourist hot spots in town, enjoyed a few days soaking in the sun and playing on the beach. It’s the RV lifestyle that affords us the time to slow down and relax

We are a busy family, always working at the computer, on our property, or at client meetings. Even our toddlers have an ongoing schedule of playdates and happenings with Grandma and Grandpa. Slowing down and relaxing at a campsite is so good for our family—talking around the fire, experiencing new places, meeting new people, and having the chance to regroup after weeks of home chaos.

When you find yourself on the road, there are less distractions. With the constant flow of snacks, coffee, music, and laughter, there is no greater opportunity for quality time with your family. Even driving through stop and go traffic can be a breeze because you have chosen to live in the moment and enjoy every minute.

We’ve seen some of the most beautiful places, experienced many different towns. But I will tell you, nothing is more amazing than knowing that when you come across a random road, seemingly in the middle of nowhere, you can drive on it just to see where it takes you. Adventure like that is priceless.

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