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A huge thank you to Raymond and his staff for the wonderful and quick job they did in selling our motorhome. Talk about fast and friendly service - nine days was all it took before we received a call telling us they had an offer on our rig! If you want the job done, DreamChasers is the place to go!! A very special thank you to Raymond who treats everyone like family. It was a pleasure to work with DreamChasers. 

Cleda & Harrold T.

July 2017 


I have found DreamChasers the BEST place to do business! Raymond, Tom, Josh and Carmen are SO Great!! Raymond is the most fair person I have ever met bar none! I will always do my business with DreamChasers! Thank you Raymond!

Tom W.

June 2017 via Facebook


My husband and I put our home up for sale last July and immediately began looking for a 5th wheel that would be our home when we weren't traveling. We visited many RV lots and as I reviewed each one I found that I was Not interested in doing business with the dealers even though I had seen several Trailers I was interested in. My son-in-law suggested we head up North to Burlington where there were several large RV dealerships. The first one we came to was Dream Chasers RV and although I was amazed with the service we also checked out a neighboring dealer. We weren't there long and decided to go back to Dream Chasers where we were free to walk through any trailer BY OURSELVES!!!! We walked into a brand new Forest River Cardinal 38FL and after looking around I knew we would be buying this trailer. It never would have happened without Raymond Goda. He has gone above and beyond in every sense of the word. Including holding it until NOVEMBER when our spot was finally ready. Thank You Dream Chasers and Raymond. Believe me when I say you will actually enjoy your buying experience from start to finish.

Linda S

April 2017 via Facebook

Wanted to extend another thank you for getting us going in the right direction with our purchase of the Heritage Glen 311 QB.  Thanks for sticking by us, the encouragement, and introducing us to the team there in Burlington. We dealt with 2 other dealers there locally, and no-one was able to get the deal done or get us something that would serve us effectively.  You accomplished it there at DC Burlington! We really appreciated the no pressure sales model there, the ability to walk through the units, and your checking up on us as we browsed and willingness to let us pick your brain.  You really went the distance for us in trying to meet our expectations.  We are pleased with the RV, we are currently in Alaska getting the business set up and enjoying seeing the sites with the trailer.  Have had no issues with it thus far.  Pretty well insulated, no leaks, comfortable, and spacious.  We really like this trailer, was a great buy for our first one, and sure we will not be outgrowing it.  Probably have it for life!  The F250 we purchased from your buddy at Rally's auto next door has served us superbly and a great deal was had there.  Thank you for all your help Tom.  Hope this has found you well, God's sovereign best to you always.

Steve & Lynne Christensen

November 2016 via Email


Thanks to all the pleasant people at DreamChasers RV. My wife and I  recently purchased a new travel trailer and sold our old one at DreamChasers. It is a very comfortable place to shop, from the open units, to the product specialists, to the administrative staff. Everyone we met was all about making our experience great. Our old unit sold in less than a week at our asking price. The new TT is just what we were looking for and was very competitively priced. Even the finance and reception staff was incredibly thoughtful and helpful. We enjoyed everyone we met.   

John B.

October 2016 via Email


We recently bought a travel trailer at Dreamchasers RV and they were 100% as advertised! The freedom to stroll around and checkout all of the open trailers with no high pressure salesmen was greatly appreciated. All of the vehicles are clearly marked with their price and when it came time to talk to some of the staff they were very friendly and helpful. A very big thank-you to Raymond and his crew for making the buying experience very pleasurable for us. Thanks to everyone we were associated with-- Carmen, Kathleen, Karen & Morgan (in the office area), Marty & Kurt (product specialists) and Andrew (parts). And a very special thanks to Blake (service) for everything he did for us and getting us safely on our way. To top off our great experience at Dreamchasers-- we put our used rv rig on their consignment lot and it sold within one week for the price we were hoping to get! Definitely would recommend Dreamchasers to anyone. Thanks again for everything! 

Jay & Suzie L.

August 2016 via Email


I just wanted to give a high 5, no make that a 10, to our shopping experience at DreamChasers RV. We had traveled south originally to Fife to look at a specific unit which was advertised as on sale, which mysteriously was an unknown entity when we arrived. Web page disappeared with the ad, hmmm. We shared the ad with multiple friends who saw it. So "no" it was not a figment of our imagination. So seeing that the sales people had all suddenly acquired amnesia, we left and journeyed North the next day to DreamChasers. What a refreshing joy to work with these people. From our charming salesman to our delightful finance lady. We found the RV we love, all with no pressure, no games and WHOA, no amnesia!!! Thank you DreamChasers team, you ROCK!!! What a great experience to shop there and work with you.

The Jenkins Family

July 2016 via Email


Just a note to say how much we enjoyed our experience with you and your staff yesterday to complete the purchase of our new rv trailer.  Everyone we met there was eager to help and were examples of great ambassadors for Dream Chasers RV.  Bill did an exemplary job of delivering the trailer to our site and now we look forward to many good times with family and friends.  We thank God for safety in travel and fewer cars on the road than we had anticipated.

Chris T.

June 2016 via Email


My wife and I looked forward to possibly purchasing a travel trailer. After shopping in Fife and Kent, we found the experience  -  salesmen that have no experience with trailers, hard selling, demands about "deals" that end at 5PM today, never knowing the "final" price as the salesman must check with his boss or you must now deal with the boss,  the salesman typically wanting to know how much you want to pay monthly as an opening part of their sale pitch,  pushing  trailers that were oversized for our SUV et al, It was anything but a good experience. 

This sent us on a three hour drive to DreamChasers RV.  They were the antithesis of other RV companies - all trailers are open to see, your prices clearly shown in the trailer/RV (prices much less than those in FIfe and Kent), no salesman  "assigned" to you (we requested a salesman to answer our questions and we met Kurt who was outstanding and honest). At the end of the purchase we worked with Raymond, the owner of Dream Chasers RV  regarding the final sales details.  Very straightforward.  Raymond,sets the example for his team.  Integrity, integrity, integrity.

Gerry & Jan G.

June 2016 via Email


OUTSTANDING experience and customer service from beginning to end ! First we would like to say thank you to Kurt , Raymond and crew for making our buying experience the absolute best we have ever had. My wife and I have been entertaining the idea of a pull behind for some time and are just beginning our adventure together and DreamChaser helped make that happen for us . We could not be more pleased with our investment and the new adventures we are going to embark on. We looked all around and returned to DreamChaser RV because we enjoyed the "no pressure" shopping and felt their selection of RV options were superior to other dealers. Raymond truly goes above and beyond to take care of his customers ! We strongly recommend DreamChasers RV for any and all of your RV needs.

Ian & Angie Trickett

March 2016 via Email


Raymond Goda IS the "Solution Finder" as it says on his card.  We had a 40' class A motorhome that we have been trying to sell for about 3 years with no luck.  We owed more than we could sell it for.  We started looking at 5th wheels on their website and went up to the sales lot in Burlington.  We went up there  and were looking at used units and noticed that no one came out to work with us.  I was a little upset by this and contacted Dreamchasers by e-mail asking about that.  I didn't read the tab on the page about their method of sales which is, if you find something you want to learn more about then, go inside the sales office and ask someone.  Well, about 3 weeks later, we got a call from Raymond and discussed that issue and then I told him what it was we were trying to do; sell our Class A and get a 38-40' 5th wheel.  I was absolutely flabbergasted when he told me that he might could help us accomplish our goal.  Everyone else we had ever talked to told us they couldn't do anything to help us.  After getting some computer repairs done and a few other things on the motorhome, we made an outstanding deal with Raymond that got us our new 2016 40' Cardinal 5th wheel.  We just had it delivered and set up yesterday and are looking forward to using it on our 2nd lot for the 180 days starting in May.   

I must tell everyone that if you have a need for a new or used RV, contact Dreamchasers RV in Burlington, WA.   It will be well worth your time.

Kim B.

March 2016 via Yelp


My wife and I bought an RV at DreamChasers a little over a year ago.  We got an incredible RV and were treated with really great service.  This was the first time we owned an RV so we did some of the things you aren't supposed to.  We had to call in a couple times to ask for some advice and the team there was very kind and patient in walking us through how to properly maintain our RV. DreamChasers is a great place with great people!  Thanks!

Michael A.

March 2016 via Yelp


Susan and I have just returned from our first RV adventure. I want to give a big thank you to Raymond and his team for helping us choose the right RV and then getting everything set up. Raymond even provide some after hours technical help during the trip to solve a minor technical glitch before he sat down to watch the Superbowl. The RV handled great on the road and was comfortable each evening. A couple of highlights from the trip were staring up at the immense night sky in Joshua Tree National Park and witnessing the rare wildflower bloom in Death Valley. The wildflowers don't bloom there every year but this has been an unusually wet winter (they've gotten over 3.5 inches). In addition to the beauty of the flowers, the warm desert air was fragrant with the blossoms. Can't wait until our next trip.

Philip McLoud

February 2016 via Facebook


We recently bought a motorhome from Dreamchasers! Fantastic Service!  Our help from Tom and Raymond was outstanding. The coach was on consignment and at all times we felt like both Tom and Raymond were our advocates as much as the owner of the coach that had put it on consignment! They had a way of giving good customer service to both parties and showed a sincere concern for our well being.  I felt like I could ask them anything and they would have helped make it happen. We also traded in a trailer with this transaction and they made that an easy process as well.  Overall I highly recommend these guys if looking for a trailer or motorhome or consigning one. They are straight shooters. They are not pushy and learn enough about you to help understand what you want. Professional, fun, happy people. Raymond, Tom, and staff- you will see us again.  

Mikko, Judy, Arne and Anne Niemela

February 2016 via Yelp


Five stars are not enough! A perfect 10 would be more like it! Fair prices, super products, stellar customer service, attentive service department, top-notch employees--- plus more add up to the most fun shopping experience you will ever have. Dreamchasers is WONDERFUL!

Maggie Havanese

February 2016 via Facebook


 Hello Raymond,

I wanted to comment on the battery package you sold me when we bought a new RV trailer from you last February.  On our last trailer which we acquired long before you were in biz,, we had one 12 volt “deep cycle” and we could dry camp for about 12 to 15 hours of lights, water pump, heater fan before it went too low to use.  When we bought our new trailer from you you convinced me to try your “package’'” of two 6 volt batteries there were “real” deep cycle.

Well, now we get about 4 days and nights of lights, water pump, heater fan, awning in and out and it is a much larger trailer. We can go from say Friday noon to Tuesday noon dry camping with sufficient battery power to then; pull in the awning, pull in the tip out and run the jack screw for coupling.

Very significant different in battery power and well worth the money!

Best of the holidays to you and the gang there at Dreamchasers. Keep up the great work.

Ed Bishop

December 2015 via Email


(Review below was sent in response to a customer receiving our Thanksgiving card)

Hey Raymond,

Thanks for the thanksgiving card! 
I agree, lot to be thankful for.

Blessings to you and the crew at Dreamchasers.  We appreciate you all, and appreciate your service and how you sincerely take care of your customers. Those who do not do business with you guys don't know what they are missing.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Thanks.

Dave Van Voorst

November 2015 via Email


There's no better place to buy. Fantastic local company who care more about the person than the bottom line. This group of folks understand the importance of investing in the customers happiness first and foremost, unlike the large volume dealers. What a refreshing experience from a great team! Thanks Raymond!

Mike Jackson

November 2015 via Facebook


At first I was hesitant to go to a larger dealer for repairs on my 5th wheel, but as it turned out, I was wrong to be. I needed the front stabilizing jack to be repaired & took it to Dreamchasers after sitting on a bent jack for a few weeks post dumb mistake. We're a family of four full-timing it across the US, so we needed to get fixed pronto. Unfortunately the part took about 3 weeks to arrive. We (me, wife 2 small kids) had a couple weeks where we could house-sit for a new friend in town, but once that time was up we had nowhere to go. I thought we could just jump back in the RV until the part arrived, when as we started to hitch the truck, the other leg gave out. Here's where it matters...

Josh, the new manager, put us in a room for the night out of his own pocket while we figured out some other details. That can't be normal, but it was highly appreciated. It was an $80 stay, and he even spotted us $20 for food that night. I was in between paychecks & the timing was perfect. Fortunately, we found a place to stay for the remainder of the time that we were waiting on the part. When the part did arrive it was fixed very promptly (that day). The damage done to the other leg was resolved without replacing more parts & we are on our merry way.

My experience with Josh, Rick, Steve & Troy was that they understood my needs & did all they could to help. That's all you can ask for, in my opinion. Dreamchasers has good people.

Luke Anthony

November 2015 via Google Reviews


My wife and I purchased a trailer at Dreamchasers about a year ago. As stated by other reviewers it was an exceptional experience. We were allowed to walk around and tour the rv's without having a salesman hover over us, this is huge when trying to look with kids and a pregnant wife. When we found our trailer Raymond was nothing but the best to deal with from paper work to financing. When we took delivery we found a malfunctioning lock and Raymond said he would order a new one for us, it was a used trailer. The new lock arrived and with our busy schedule I didn't get up to Burlington to grab it, then our daughter was born and suffered some complications at birth, upon hearing this, Raymond offered to have someone go to where our trailer was located and replace the lock with no charge associated. I did decline the offer and finally picked up the lock, Raymond talked to me at great length about my daughter and how she was doing, he was truly concerned and asked if he could pray for her. Dreamchasers has gone above and beyond in many ways on many occasions and I always suggest people go there first, I won't shop for RV stuff any where else. On a side note Savi Bank (was Business Bank) is who we were set up with on financing, they are another awesome company to deal with and I couldn't be happier, they offered up defered payments when they heard what happened with our daughter and they always ask how she is doing when I stop in to make a payment.

Steve Hendrickson

October 2015 via Facebook


We wanted to compliment Raymond and his team for excellent service and support. We bought a new Forest River
Travel Trailer some months ago and just had it in for some minor warranty repairs. Work was very well done, quite
fast (2 days) and as always, they treat me like family which is why we bought there to begin with. Would
recommend folks interested in travel trailers give them a try.

Ed & Carol Bishop

October 2015 via Email

Just a note to thank you for our new camp trailer. It was amazingly clean, has proven to be just right for our needs
(tested by one month on the road to Arizona and back). Jim put a couple of drawers under the bench seats which
made it even more functional and we replaced the mattress - all working toward big time satisfactory! We so
appreciated that you kept track of our license plate status and mailed it to us in AZ. It arrived on a timely basis.
Thank you for your accommodating service!

Jim & Karen Pulliam

October 2015 - A Personal "Thank You" Card

We came in last fall “shopping” but not ready to buy.  Kurt Burns spent lots of time and helped us with our many
questions .  He is very knowledgeable and we felt the honesty represented at DreamChasers RV.  We felt no
pressure and left with his business card. We priced and looked for a quality RV all around Washington and Oregon.
We couldn’t find the “full package” anywhere, so we returned this summer and looked-up Kurt.  He was attentive
to our needs and steered us in the direction of RV’s that would fulfill them.  Again, we looked at our leisure and felt
no pressure.  We soon realized this is where we would get the best deal and value for our money.  When we decided
on our new Surveyor, the price was set with no hassles. They also took in our trailer and sold it for us.  We got top
dollar. We also like the fact that DreamChasers offers Full Service and storage for RV’s.  We couldn’t be happier.  

Brad and Rhonda L.

August 2015 via Facebook


I cannot thank Raymond, Kurt, Chris, and the other employees at DreamChasers RV enough for helping to make
owning a camping trailer so fun for a first time owner. I was in the market for an RV trailer to be used as an occasional
"guesthouse" on my property . I explored many types of RV models, spent many hours checking Craigslist, visited
many Seattle dealers prior to discovering DreamChasers in Burlington. What a wonderful and different experience it
was. Raymond and the staff were all so friendly without the pressure I felt at so many other businesses. It was
actually fun looking and hearing the history of the unit I did purchase as it was an older unit and was lovingly cared
for. Raymond has been so prompt in returning my calls regarding first owner questions and standing behind the sale.
What wonderful customer service. Truly a feeling of a smaller local business with eager, friendly, caring and dependable
staff. I have felt that the friendship and support has continued since the sale which was over a year ago. I highly
recommend DreamChasers for anyone looking to buy a new RV. I know that I look forward to having them help me in
the future with the care of my new and great "guesthouse". Thank you, Raymond.

Carole T.

July 2015 via Yelp

I want to thank Raymond and the entire DreamChasers team for helping us get into the travel trailer that we really wanted.
The sales staff, the finance folks, and the service department are all top notch. All wonderful people to deal with. I would
recommend DreamChasers to anyone I know. Thanks!

Rick P.

January 2015 via Facebook


My wife and I would like to thank you and your fine crew for the good service and support while trading in our pull trailer
and the purchase of a new one. I would and do recommend you to family and friend as we were so comfortable with the
entire process at your business. No sales pressure at all, just straight talk and honest answers. You and your people
treated us like family and were quite comfortable to work with. We will return for future service and support.  Thank you
again for great service.

Ed and Carol B.

January 2015 via email


Today we took our Surveyor Sport in to DreamChasers for a few tweeks it needed. We cannot say enough about how
well we were treated and our needs met! Derek went above and beyond with our list! It was returned to us shiny clean
with tire treatment and all, so that it looks brand new again. No detail was too small. We also spent a lovely time visiting
with the staff: Raymond, Rachael, Kathy, Kurt, and Noel.. They make us feel like old friends or family. It is a joy to visit
with them.We signed up for one year's storage for our RV with them. We can't think of a better, safer place to house our
second home when we are not in it. Based upon the service we have received with DreamChasers, we are certain it will
be well-cared for. It is so nice to be a friend and not just a passing customer! We recommend them with no hesitations
and with gratitude. Love 'em!

Jim and Jan W.

September 2014 via Facebook


Wow, what an awesome experience! I can't say enough good things about DreamChasers. Fair, open pricing, no hidden fees.
The friendliest staff - Raymond, Rachael, and Kurt were so personable and accommodating, and there was absolutely no
"slick salesguy" talk or hard sell. Just good honest customer service and genuine care. I would happily recommend
DreamChasers to anyone looking for a great RV purchasing experience!

Sue McCormack Mitchell

July 2014 via Facebook


I agree. These guys are easy to work with and zero high pressure sales. From the sales staff to the maintenance crew, very
friendly, very helpful, and willing to answer all my questions. I got a nice little used RV that is just what I was looking for. Thank
you DreamChasers RV !

Steve Railing

June 2014 via Facebook


Great customer service!!! Would definitely recommend buying your RV here. The staff is friendly and honest. We love our RV and
are looking forward to many trips.

Staples and Fode Family

June 2014 via Facebook


DreamChasers is THE BEST! Local, knowledgeable, super friendly, help...ful, honest, fair, concerned about the customer-- the list
goes on! We are so pleased with all aspects and feel like they care about us first. On our new Surveyor Sport Raymond sold us,
we have the outdoor kitchen. It is wonderful! We have used it extensively on every trip. Everyone should have this feature: enjoy
the outdoors, keep cooking and cleaning outdoors, boil big pots outside cook an early morning breakfast, percolate evening is the most used kitchen! And how fun it is to say we have two kitchens! In terms of safety, we got the equalizer sway
bars for towing to distribute the tow weight for a smoother, more even control ride. It is so worth the extra! When towing our 24'
trailer on our 1500 Silverado heavy duty pickup, we hardly know the trailer is back there it follows so well. We have no swaying.
So,buy from DreamChasers and seriously consider the outdoor kitchen and equalizer sway bars. They all will totally enhance your
camping experiences! Thank you to Raymond and his staff!

Jim and Jan W.

June 2014 via Facebook


Thanks for selling my trailer in under a week! I just wanted to say thank you! What you are doing down there is not normal practice,
so it will throw a few folks off! I being one of them. I never thought you really meant I will sell your RV for you at no cost! Deep down
I was saying here we go. Then when I saw my unit on your web site you had it listed for what I wanted at the price I agreed on, I had
to call, and you reconfirmed me that it was as stated, no cost to you! You guys did everything and for that, I'm grateful. I will be good
advertising for you and your dealership. If anyone ever wants to know where you can get a fair deal on a RV you will be the dealer
mentioned. I will keep a eye on your inventory and I am sure we will be in touch, and wish you the best in business.


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